About Us

  Our Mission

 To provide services which advocate for strengthening and preserving the individual and the family. 
A belief we’ve held firm for the past 100 years and will continue well into the future. 


Our Story

2021 Board of Directors

Paul Rodriguez | Chairman of the Board

Jeff Goeson | Vice Chair/Treasurer

Loretta M. Williams | Secretary

Milton Masson | Member

Dee Saager | Member

Clarice Parham | President/CEO


Clarice Parham | President/ CEO
Sherry Andrews | Director of Operations
Vern Brown | Chief Financial Officer
Blake Hobby | Human Resource Director
Dr Noé Vargas | Clinical Director
Hubert Wirtz | Policy and Business Development Advisor
Helga Burton-Byer
| Executive Assistant to the President/CEO

Soraida Durazo | Systems Operations Manager
Vacant | Central Clinical Supervisor
Andrea March | Metro Clinical Supervisor
 Vacant | Mesa Clinical Supervisor
Mary Maytubby |
Revenue Cycle Manager
June Hobby
Medical Records/Digital Media Manager

Central Office

2400 N. Central Ave  #101

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Office: 602.264.9891

Fax: 602.234.2639

Mesa Office

1107 S. Gilbert Road

Phoenix, AZ 85204


Office: 480.507.8619

Fax: 480.666.7824

Metro Office

10220 N. 31st Ave #103

Phoenix, AZ 85051

Office: 602.863.1862

Fax: 602.863.4388