About Us

2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

board members at work

Paul Rodriguez | Chairman of the Board

Jeff Goeson | Treasurer/Secretary

Clarice Parham | President/CEO

Dee Saager | Member

Milton Masson | Member

Loretta Mitcham-Williams | Member

Management Team

Clarice Parham | President/ CEO
Helga Burton-Byer | Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
Sherry Andrews | Director of Operations
Vern Brown | Chief Financial Officer
 | Human Resource Director
Christopher Robinson | Clinical Director
Jean Ihle | Revenue Cycle Coordinator

Rosalinda Sigarroba | Metro Clinical Supervisor

 | Mesa Clinical Supervisor
Brenda Blake-Johnson | Central Clinical Supervisor
Soraida Durazo | Systems Operations Manager
John Boyd | Medical Records, Manager

Hubert Wirtz | Policy and Business Development Advisor

Our Story


Family Service Agency (FSA) was founded in 1902 and was originally called Associated Charities. FSA is one of the oldest social service organizations in the valley. It’s existence was largely the result of the leadership and support of Mrs. Dwight B. (Maie Bartlett) Heard.

Through Mrs. Heard’s efforts and those of many others, the Maricopa Health Center merge with Associated Charities in 1923 to become the Social Service Center of Phoenix. Until 1946, virtually all the welfare services and medical care in the city and the metropolitan area came from this agency. Financial support came from the Board of Public Charities of the City of Phoenix, the Board of Supervisors of Maricopa County, the Red Cross, donations, and from the Community Chest after it’s formation in 1926.

Funds received were used for direct relief, family counseling, and extensive medical services involving the operation of nearly a dozen free clinics. In 1944, after a joint study with the Community Council, the Agency began a three-year demonstration project of a visiting nurse service, culminating in the establishment of the Visiting Nurse Service in 1948.

In 1948 the City of Phoenix made the decision to stop funding the Board of Public Charities. Consequently, the Community Council was asked to assist in the study and formulation of future plans for the Agency. It recommended that: “The Social Service Center of Phoenix continue in family welfare work to serve the needs of individuals who could not qualify for help at the Jewish, Catholic, County or other welfare agencies.”

In order to more accurately reflect the programs and services of the agency (i.e. services provided to unmarried mothers; the adoption of children; foster home care; transients, family counseling and specialized welfare services), the name was changed from the Social Service Center of Phoenix to Family Service of Phoenix in 1951.

The Agency became a member of Valley of the Sun and Mesa United Ways in 1951 and 1954, respectively. In 1956, after more than 25 years in its building at 702 East Adams, the Agency moved to 808 North Second Avenue. We moved again to 1530 East Flower in 1964.

Our name was changed again in 1978 from Family Service of Phoenix to Family Service Agency since the agency served all of Maricopa County.

The current scope of services FSA enables us to provide a continuum of care for our clients and their families, ranging from behavioral health counseling to adoptions, from child abuse prevention to employment and training.

The assurance of our high standards is reflected in the Agency rejoining Family Services of America (formerly Family Service Association of America) in 1956 (it was one of the 26 original members back in 1911) in being accepted into provisional membership in the Child Welfare League of America in 1967 and in being fully accredited in 1970 by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children.

Central Office

2400 N. Central Ave  #101

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Office: 602.264.9891

Fax: 602.234.2639

Mesa Office

1107 S. Gilbert Road

Phoenix, AZ 85204


Office: 480.507.8619

Fax: 480.666.7824

Metro Office

10220 N. 31st Ave #103

Phoenix, AZ 85051

Office: 602.863.1862

Fax: 602.863.4388