Substance Abuse Treatment Services

The Substance Abuse Treatment Program provides holistic treatment that addresses the social and emotional needs of the client. Treatment can be modified to meet individual needs. Clients involved in our program learn healthy coping skills to stop using alcohol and other drugs, and gain improved self-confidence.


We operate in close collaboration with health plans, schools, state agencies, and community partners. Our treatment team includes a clinical director, licensed counselors, nurse practitioners and medical assistants.

Treatment includes the following services:

  • Intake, Assessment and Treatment Planning to determine that a client meets the Medical Necessity Criteria and admit them to treatment.
  • Group Counseling with a minimum of two (2) clients and a maximum of twelve (12) clients.
  • Education to provide research-based education on addiction, treatment, recovery, and associated health risks. Evidence Based Best Practice.
  • Family Therapy and/or Family Counseling/Education to provide education about factors that are important to the client’s recovery, as well as to their own recovery, so that family members and caregivers can provide social supports to the client, help motivate their loved one to remain in treatment, and receive help and support for their own family recovery as well.
  • Trauma Services, EMDR and MAT
  • Medication Services, including either the prescription and administration of medication related to substance use treatment services or the assessment of the side effects or results of that medication.
  • Collateral Services with significant persons in the life of the client, focused on the treatment needs of the client.
  • Crisis Intervention Services, which focus on alleviating crisis-level problems.
  • Treatment Planning, which will be updated every 90 days unless or if there is a recommended change in treatment.
  • Job search assistance, Skills level, abilities and attributes assessment, Re-employment services, Interview coaching, and Job training and workshop referrals from our Employment Specialist

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