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Give us “5” Days; We’ll Give You a Career!


Gladiator Training Program!

What is the Gladiator Training Program? 

  • A FREE forty hour instructional class that will introduce you to the “Concrete Reinforcing Steel Trade.”
  • Designed to provide an in depth, visual, hands on experience.
  • Provides a better understanding of what the “Reinforcing Steel” trade consists of.
  • Provides our trainers an opportunity to personally evaluate each student on an hour by hour, day by day basis.
  • Classes are conducted almost weekly, call now to reserve your spot in the next class!


5 Days = Employment Starting at “$14 Per Hour”

30 Days = Potential $1 Raise

60 Days = 2nd $1 Raise

90 Days = 3rd $1 Raise

90 Days = Paid Medical Benefits


$ to buy New Clothes

$ to buy a New Car


$ to buy a NEW HOUSE



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