Success Stories

Counselor Spotlight: Gustavo McGrew, LISAC

Gustavo McGrew was born in Mexico City and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, along with his multicultural family in 1959. A graduate of the University of Arizona in 1977, Gustavo embraced Xicanismo and as a member of the U of A  MEChA, he was able to pioneer bilingual and community based radio at KUAT-AM and KXEW-FM in Tucson and later at KIFN-AM and KVVA-AM in Phoenix.

Gustavo is a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor who has worked the past 33 years in the area of behavioral/integrated health care. He has also served as a national and international trainer and consultant in the areas of Substance Abuse Prevention and HIV/AIDS for NIDA and USIA.

Enhancing self-concept and empowerment through cultural awareness and the arts has been part of Gustavo’s personal mission throughout his professional career. Radio Cienega is another labor of love to continue building on that work particularly now ~ during these challenging times faced by Latinos and People of Culture!

Finally, and most importantly, Gustavo is the proud jefito of Reed, Rex, Moncho, Victor and Porangui. He has been married to his firme honita and bookkeeper Yvonne for over 33 years and his favorite dicho is, “happy wife ~ happy life!”

Enjoy Radio Ciénega, Gustavo’s bilingual creation dedicated to the Power of Multicultural Music and Positive Messaging. Stream Radio Ciénega from the web and download the Radio Ciénega app for iPhone and Android.

Gustavo McGrew, LISAC