Parent Aide Program

The Parent Aide Program completes 30,240 visits per year and eighty percent (80%) enjoy a successful case closure. We strive for quality and excellence in service and continue to receive rave reviews. Our referral sources are the Department of Child Safety (DCS) Case Managers, who request their preferred agency. We feel that the continued quality service of our Parent Aides “rings true” with our Case Managers and the word continues to spread. We intend on doubling our Parent Aide staff in 2015.

Parent Aides teach:

  • Parenting Skills
  • Child Development – Ages and Stages
  • Child Safety – Age appropriate supervision
  • Child Discipline – Limits, Boundaries, consequences, reinforcement
  • Bonding and attachment

Home Management

  • Budgeting
  • Finances
  • Home organization
  • Home Hygiene

Nutrition & Health

  • Meal planning
  • Shopping/organization/budgeting

Coping Abilities

  • Stress Management
  • Domestic Violence Effects on children/family
  • Substance Abuse – Identifying triggers of relapse, effects of drug abuse on children/family
  • Time Management
  • Self Esteem Training
  • Behavioral Health – triggers for depression and anxiety
  • Communication – how to communicate with children

Community Resources

  • Emergency services
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Employment
  • Recreational Activities
  • Education


FSA was successful in winning the bid for both Southwest and Central Regions, which encompasses all of Maricopa County. We have well over increased the program 30% at 40 Parent Aides and 4 Supervisors. We incorporated a separate Parenting Skills Program. Further, finishing up in 2014, the 2nd Street building now has 2 brand new constructed visitation rooms that will double as training rooms for the parents with DVD and TV feed. Parent Aide services come into play when a child has been removed from the home and parenting and other skills need to be taught to the caregiver, prior to the child’s return. This service also incorporates supervised visitation. Our last update was several months ago from CPS, however at that time we were currently # 2 out of 14 PA Providers in amount of services we provide.

Parent Aide Testimonials

"When I was introduced to the Client, the case was in a stand still. The Client had been removed from the home for substance abuse and domestic violence. He refused to participate in the recommended services and passionately argued against the need for them. He was known to get extremely defensive and verbally aggressive. And…he was a really nice guy who loved his family. When I began working with the Client, I was able to gain his trust. I shared with the Client how I saw him react in different situations, and shared ways I was given to respond when I, too, felt cornered and powerless. I was able to “undemonize” his past and give him tools for managing his emotions. He communicated that he did not feel judged by me and that I was giving him a fair chance. He began growing by leaps and bounds. Very teachable, very receptive. He enrolled in counseling and recovery classes. He finished Parent Aide classes successfully. A few weeks later, I received a voice message from the Client and his children, saying that the judge granted the Client to move back home and thanked me for my investment in his family. It is families like these that drive my passion to do what I do every day!"
Desteni Benitez Parent Aide, Family Service Agency


If you need information about our programs and services, scheduling an appointment or Customer support please call us at (602)-264-9891 ext. 8704 or contact Karen Noggle via email

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