Family Preservation Program

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Family Service Agency mission is to provide services that advocate for, strengthen, and preserve the individual and the family.

The Family Preservation Program is a team effort to reduce the rate of children being removed from their home by the Department of Child Safety (DCS). The team is made of a master level licensed counselor and a Family Support Worker (FSW). The Counselor addresses the families needs in terms of marital, family, couple or play therapy. The FSW works with the family to teach parenting, developmental ages and stages, coping strategies, home management, boundaries, bonding and attachment. The Counselor also addresses these issues and more during their sessions. The salient point of Family Preservation is to stabilize the family so the children can remain in the home.

We currently provide services for those needing behavioral health outpatient treatment; substance abuse outpatient treatment; adoption services (for both those wishing to adopt and those birth mothers seeking to relinquish their newborn for adoption); re-entry into the community from incarceration; Parent Aide Services and the Family Preservation Program.

What to Expect from Our Services

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