Looking to Adopt

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Family Service Agency is a private, not-for-profit, non-sectarian, United Way member agency.  Established in 1902, we are the longest continually operating, locally founded social service agency in Arizona.  The agency’s Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Program has been in operation since 1945.  Family Service Agency works together with individuals, couples, and families of diverse backgrounds. 

We offer a full range of adoption services to birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents.  Within the full service domestic newborn adoption program, all components of the adoption are managed through Family Service Agency.  This is in contrast with adoptions where families become identified with birth parents either on their own or through another source such as an attorney.   

Application Process
Information Meeting
Adoption Application
Training Sessions
Adoptive Home Study
Post Placement


The adoption application process includes but is not limited to fingerprinting, Child Protective Services Clearance, submitting supporting documents (birth certificates, marriage record, divorce decree, pay stubs, tax return, and financial statements), physician’s statements, references (from relatives and non relatives), and an Adoption Services Agreement.

Additional Adoption Services

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