Friends of FSA


The Friends of Family Service Agency was founded in 1988 as a membership program for individuals wanting to be involved in supporting the mission of Family Service Agency and the clients services provided. The Friends of Family Service are wonderful ambassadors for the Agency and offer a variety of events throughout the year where the proceeds support the services provided to clients. Please refer to the calendar of upcoming events.

With any program, growth is a combination of effort and comes from multiple lines of support, steadfastness, quality of service and care for our clients.  The Friends of Family Service Agency have made our challenging task into a doable task.  First, the Friends’ welcome bags help distinguish us from CPS.  They quickly break down barriers when the client comes to realize they are assisted and served by another agency, other than CPS.  When the children receive their coloring books and crayons, which always puts smiles on their faces, parents realize the agency is well intending.  Secondly, when families don’t have the money to purchase items that food stamps do not buy, such as toothbrushes, hair combs, diapers, etc they become extremely grateful.  And lastly, cleaning supplies, wash clothes, soap, shampoos, etc. help us to teach our clients good home management skills.

The Friends, are truly friends, to us – steadfast, supportive, quality- oriented and with true caring for our clients.  A friend has similar interests as you do.  We know that we work side by side with the Friends’ for the same goal, we just have different tasks.  Thank you Friends’ for being our friend too, and congratulations for the successes you have accomplished side by side.  We are serving more clients with the same quality of care and having wonderful success rates.  We love your dedication! 

If you want more information on the ‘Friends’, or wish to become a member please contact

Membership TypeFee
Active Membership$25.00
Associate Membership$35.00
Lifetime Membership$250.00